Guidance in my artistic work, it has led to systemic vision of the world, intriguing to the affinity by different parts and their interactions. I integrated and subsequently the model of the organism of the model of the machine and also its characteristic processes, its tendency to team up, to stabilizing connections to live one inside the other; for the aesthetic game, I changed the strategy known by exchanging information from opera and observers.

The natural world has become a complex, variable and infinite. A multidimensional world that does not recognize straight lines, things do not occur in an orderly manner but all together, where usual perception is only one of the perceptual elements that joined with the others, not only  gives a sensorial reality but an experience.

Theoretic contributions that have permitted me to work in the artistic environment, sentient objects, sensitive to the environment of the spectator, have permitted the birth of sonorous sculpturing, which is almost always in mass, visual installations and sound with free standing elements, endlessly extendable, where the observer, is the actor and the co-producer, necessary for the event.